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Enabling home working

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

With more staff now working from home we are having to adapt solutions to fit that environment.

With regards to Telephony, some users still prefer to use a Desk Phone when at home (as opposed to Soft Phones on PC's or mobile).

The challenges faced are often around networking within the home.

Most people already have Home Broadband services from Sky or Virgin, but these are often delviered into the front room, near the TV, and not into the new 'Home Office Area'.

WiFi access is fine for PC's - but the challenge comes when the user wants to use an IP Desk Phone - just like they have in their main office at work.

Very rarely is it easy to run CAT-5/6 cabling within a home environment - so CSL Reality have been providing our Horizon Hosted Phone system users with a new Cisco MPP 8861 IP Desk Phone. These models have built-in WiFi. This eliminates the need for additional home cabling and allows the user to really have a true Home Office environment.

If your staff would like to discuss our solutions for home working - please call us on 0203 9268900.

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